• Limo Website Templates

    May 10, 2017in Tutorial

    We created beautiful limo templates which are available with a free limo website for all our subscribers. You can see them here


    Limo Sotware:

    April 7, 2017in Tutorial

    Here is a recent overview of our limo software features: http://bestlimoapp.com/limousine_software.html

    Limousine business opportunities

    March 5, 2017in Tutorial

    Start your limo business today. Here is what you need to take advantage of a limousines business opportunity: http://bestlimoapp.com/limousine_business_opportunities.html


    February 1, 2017in Tutorial

    Did we say that we offer a free website with each subscription? Check out our web gallery with many different websites to try.

    Click on this link: Limo Web Template Gallery


    January 9, 2017in Tutorial

    All our apps now come with a free website and with free hosting. No more worries about limo webiste templates, limo web designers or exorbitant hosting prices.

    See more details about free limo website by clicking on this link: Limo Website

    FREE GPS TRACKING in your mobile app!

    December 15, 2016in Tutorial

    Our Basic App and our Pro App both feature free GPS tracking integration. You can use any external service (either free or paid) and we'll integrate it free of charge in your app.

    Website Quotes

    November 4th, 2016in Tutorial

    Due to popular demand, we can now integrate our Quote System in your website as well. The Quote System can use mileage rates or complex mileage formulas (with minimum rates or tiered pricing) as well as fixed rates based on zip codes.

    Taxi App for Taxi Drivers

    October 10th, 2016in Tutorial

    If you operate a taxi cab service, please consider getting your own taxi app. We have many satisfied taxi clients. Our taxi app features automated quotes, payment processing for instant payments and a lot more. See all our features here:


    Automated text messages for reservations

    September 15, 2016in Tutorial

    All reservations now include an automated text message to your dispatch as well as an email notifying you of a new reservation. This ensures that no reservation goes unnoticed.

    App gallery

    August 4th, 2016in Tutorial

    Please take a look at our App Gallery which features various user interfaces and buttons that are available and can be used in your own Limo App.


    Concurrent notifications

    July 14th, 2016in Tutorial

    Our Pro App now offers concurrent notifications. When you receive a limo reservation from your app, you can get a text message and email on as many phones and computers as you need.

    New and improved dashboard

    June 12th, 2016in Tutorial

    We have just released a new and improved dashboard, where you can perform many functions on your own without having to call our customer service. For example, you can edit your local airports, mileage rates, request new features, app design and many other things.

    Change your rates 24/7

    May 10th, 2016in Tutorial

    One of our new feature includes editable mileage rates and flag rates. In other words, you can change your mileage and minimum (flag) rates any time and as many times as you need. For example, if you wish to change your rates during the peak hours or during the Holiday season or simply on a whim, you can do it straight from the dashboard.

    Receive reservations by both text (SMS) and email

    March 10th, 2016in Tutorial

    We added a popular feature which allows you to receive client reservations by both text and email at the same time. This way there is no way you can miss your clients' requests. All our apps can accomodate up to five text numbers or email addresses and the reservation will be sent to all of them at the same time, if required.

    Limo Booking Software

    March 10th, 2016in Tutorial

    Do you need a Limo Booking Software? Or perhaps a free limo reservation software? (there is no such a thing). Kidding aside, in this article below we provide limo reservation software review of all major limo software packages which can easily integrate with the Limo App.

    Please click here to see the article: Limo Reservation Software Review

    Limo App with Payment Processing

    February 15th, 2016in Tutorial

    Our Limo App is now integrated directly with both Paypal and Stripe.In other words, your clients can now get instant quotes based on your mileage rate and pay directly through your mobile limo app using either Stripe or Paypal. Please keep in mind that we can integrate your app with almost any other payment processing provider which has an API.

    Limo Anywhere Login

    January 20th, 2016in Tutorial

    Do you need a Limo Anywhere Login for your customers straight from your Limo App? Look no further - Limo Anywhere login is optionally available any Pro App. This allows your clients to access their Limo Anywhere account directly from your mobile limo app.

  • Limo Reservation Software

    December 15, 2014in Tutorial

    A lot of our clients asked us about Limo Reservation Software so we decided to write a small article which provides a review of various Limo Reservation Software packages.

    Please click here to see the article: Limo Reservation Software Review

  • Limo App with GPS!

    November 1, 2014in Tutorial

    Your customers can now see the position of your vehicle on a map. You can use various publicly available GPS services to make this happen.

    And if you have your own GPS provider, we can integrate your vehicle-tracking maps free of charge in our Pro App ($89.99/month)

  • New user interface designs

    October 10th, 2014in Tutorial

    There are many user interface choices for your app. We can customize your app using one of our designs or you can customize your own app buttons. Some of our clients use their own graphic designers and we work with them to achieve the best results. Here is an example of a new user interface design:

  • Customer Agreements

    September 15th, 2014in Tutorial

    You can now add scrollable customer agreements in your limousine app. If you need to integrate your app with a legal agreement platform (to save old agreements) this can be included in your limo app as well.

  • Credit Card Payments for Limo Companies

    August 10th, 2014in Tutorial

    After they receive an automated quote, your clients can make instant payments through your limousine app. We can integrate trip payments with Limo Anywhere, as well as payment processing companies such as Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net and many others. We can also integrate your app with your own credit card provider if they have a suitable API.

  • Profile and Registration

    July 20th, 2014in Tutorial

    Your limo clients can now benefit from their own profile and registration screen, which can be added to your limousine app. By adding this screen, you will know when a new user registers to use your limousine services. It also saves them from additional typing, because their data is already saved in your limo app.

  • Limo QR

    June 17th, 2014in Tutorial

    If you are looking for a sophisticated Quotes and Reservations estimator for your limousine company website, please consider LimoQR. This is a highly customizable automated quotes and automated reservations tool for your limousine company website.

  • Pricing tables

    May 5th, 2014in Tutorial

    In addition to integrating zone (or zip-code) pricing tables from Limo Anywhere, our clients can use a custom-made pricing table where they can edit their prices and vehicle types periodically. The pricing table is integrated with our Automated Quote System, available in the app or any limousine company website.

  • Back-end integration

    April 15, 2014in Tutorial

    As you know by now, we can integrate your mobile app with sophisticated back-end systems like Limo Anywhere and Corporate Car Online. Other services like FASTTRAK Cloud, Hudson Group, LimoMagic, LimoWiz, Odyssey, Ridebits and Trip Tracker can also be integrated in your app, provided they have an application programming interface (API).

  • Say NO to retyping!

    March 10, 2014in Tutorial

    All reservations are now automatically memorized by your customers' smartphones, so next time they want to make a reservation, they don't have to retype anything. They only need to change date and time - it's that easy!

  • New feature - Geocomplete - no more typing!

    February 28, 2014in Tutorial

    When your customers start typing their address or their airport, our app will immediately give them several options to chose from, so they usually only need to type the first few letters of their address

  • Limousine App - Location Awareness

    January 1, 2014in Tutorial

    Our app can also automatically detect the address of your current location and use this information to help your customer make a reservation. This is a custom feature available in the Pro App.

  • Limousine App - upgrades

    December 15, 2013in Tutorial

    We made a few upgrades to all our packages. They now all include a graphical user interface, the driver feedback and status report screens. We also upgraded the date and time picker and the selection of local airports.

  • The Limo App Dashboard

    November 20, 2013in Tutorial

    All our new clients will now receive a personal dashboard where they can interact with our tech team, upload their images, text their app, get their QR code and their mobile website code, along with some great marketing tips.

  • Limousine Mobile App Development - custom features

    October 15, 2013in Tutorial

    If you are looking to develop your own limo app for android or a limo app for iphone or ipad, we offer many customized solutions to fit your business needs.

    In addition, we can integrate texting, QR codes, SMS short codes and many other features, such as status notifications, weather, flight information and client feedback in your limousine app. If you are starting a new limousine business or if your are an established operator with a big limousine fleet, your own limousine app is now a must-have limousine business software.


  • Limo Anywhere Custom Forms

    September 20, 2013in Tutorial

    Would you like to customize your Limo Anywhere reservation form? Many of our clients made a decision to customize their Limo Anywhere forms, in order to better fit their business model and to provide greater level of convenience for their clients.

    In addition to providing Limo Anywhere custom forms, your app can also feature your own Limo Anywhere client login, so that your clients can login to their Limo Anywhere account from your app.

  • Limo Anywhere Software

    August 24, 2013in Tutorial

    If you presently have a Limo Anywhere account, we can easily integrate it with our limousine app using the Limo Anywhere API. You would essentially have your own iphone or android app connected to your Limo Anywhere software. Every limousine reservation from your limo app would go directly into your Limo Anywhere console. After you receive the reservation, you can assign it to one of your drivers and communicate with them using Driver Anywhere app (Limo Anywhere driver app).

  • Marketing benefits video

    June 20, 2013in Tutorial

    Curious about the benefits of owning your own mobile app? Why don't you check out our 2 minute video...

  • Limo Price Quote Estimator

    June 17, 2013in Tutorial

    You asked and we developed! Basically, you can let your customers estimate the price of their trip based on your own mileage and other rates. We can integrate your simple or complex formulas into the estimator. This is a map-based tool, which recognizes airport-codes and autocompletes street names and street addresses.

    You can check it out by clicking on this link:


  • Corporate Car Online

    May 20, 2013in Tutorial

    We are pleased to offer Limo App integration with CorporateCarOnline - another great limousine software platform.

    The website for CorporateCarOnline is


  • An entertaining testimonial

    April 15, 2013in Tutorial

    One of our new clients provided this amusing comment about his experience with our app:

    "I am very impressed. This is helping my business a great deal. I am a guy so I can't say I love you, but I mean it."

  • Examples of transportation companies using our apps

    March 15, 2013in Tutorial

    We added some of the newest examples of various companies using our apps. You can see them by clicking on this link.

  • Vehicle tracking using satellites

    February 20, 2013in Tutorial

    You can now affordably equip your entire fleet with satellite/GPS tracking devices and show the location of each of your vehicles on your mobile app as well as your website. Please ask us how.

  • SSL certificates and credit card processing

    February 15, 2013in Tutorial

    Due to the popular demand we recently enabled SSL certificates for credit card transmission in your reservations menu. Please call us if you wish to use the SSL certificate and learn about the terms of use.

  • Your Limo App downloads are now even easier than before...

    January 20, 2013in Tutorial

    We added a new feature to all subscription levels. Your app now has its own web page. Your customers can use this page to receive app download instructions by text/sms. This is how it works: A web user enters his or her mobile phone number on your website; The user immediately gets an SMS with a link to the app store or our servers; The user downloads your app directly to his or her phone...And, we will provide this very useful feature even during your free trial!

  • Mobile app with Limo Anywhere integration

    December 12, 2012in Tutorial

    Our Pro App subscribers can enjoy free integration with the Limo Anywhere reservation system. If you have an account with Limo Anywhere, we can create a mobile app with Limo Anywhere integration. In a nutshell, your mobile app's reservations will become visible in your Limo Anywhere system. Please give us a call at 888-224-6079 if you need more details.

  • SMS is here! Texting is now included in all our packages.

    October 15, 2012in Tutorial

    You asked and we delivered. You can now have your own SMS keyword. Your keyword is usually the name of your limousine business. When your potential customers text/sms your keyword to a short-code (five digit number), they can get an SMS response with your app link, your promotional message, coupons and dicounts. This is helpful for customers who rely on SMS/texting and do not have a scanning app for QR codes.

  • Test drive our demo app

    August 12, 2012in Tutorial

    Test drive our demo app by simply typing bestlimoapp.com in your smartphone browser.

  • Your QR Code

    July 10, 2012in Tutorial

    When you subscribe, we will provide you with your own QR code which you can put on your website, marketing materials, business cards, inside your office, vehicles and other places. When scanned, the QR code will download your app into any smartphone. We provide QR codes for free to all our customers.

  • Your free mobile website...

    June 20, 2012in Tutorial

    Concerned that your smartphone customers cannot see your website properly? We have a great solution - link your app to your website and get a free mobile website. We can help you make changes to your website that would make your website detect smartphones and redirect them to your app. Anytime your customers go to your website from their smartphone browsers, they will instantly download your app and have a far better user experience. This feature is free to all our subscribers.

  • It's a smartphone revolution! Take a look at this video

    May 12, 2012in Tutorial


  • What can your customers do with your app?

    April 15, 2012in Tutorial

  • Turning new clients into repeat business

    March 15, 2012in Tutorial

    When your new clients contact you for the first time, they do not immediately connect with your brand, and often need many reasons to remember you and call you back. For many clients, you are often just one of many businesses from the yellow pages. Using your businesss is simply a one-time transaction for many, and they might forget about you. The Limo App turns new clients into repeat business. Many new clients chose to download your app and keep it in their smartphones. They then use the Limo App to make an appointment, request estimates or to simply call your business, instead of browsing the internet or searching for business cards. They use the appointment feature to email you their preferred times for an appointment and chose from the most common appointment types. The more time your clients spends with the Limo App, the less likely they are to search for any other competitor.

  • How can people get my app?

    March 7, 2012in Tutorial

  • Spreading your Limo App to attract new clients

    February 20, 2012in Tutorial

    One of the best things about mobile apps is that they can spread if they prove practical. People with smartphones discuss their apps with their friends and collegues all the time. They share recommendations and are constantly on the lookout for new useful apps. If your clients like your app, they will tell their friends to download it. The conversation will usually include other reasons to use your services. In a few clicks you could get new clients and increased revenue. And your new clients will tell their friends, as well. It's simply contagious.

  • Custom features

    January 15, 2012in Tutorial

    Some business owners may select a tailor-made Limo App with custom features that are specific to their business. For example, you can change the appointment form to include your most common types of appointments, or include an image gallery with your photos. You might need more screens to explain all kinds of services you offer or provide product or service guides with tips for your clients.

    Some businesses may chose to show their vehicles or personnel on a map in real time, while others might track and review the use of their mobile app for marketing purposes, or integrate the Limo App with their web site.

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