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The Limo App integrates with many different Limo Reservation Software packages, including Limo Anywhere, Corporate Car Online and most recently with Limo reservations booked through the Limo App can be transmitted directly to one of these Limo Reservation Software packages. In addition to booking reservations, some limo reservation systems provide us with even greater flexibility mentioned in this article.

We wanted to provide a brief review of these limo booking software packages, so that you have an idea about their cost/benefit to your limo company

Limo Anywhere Review

Limo Anywhere is the category killer in this group and has the most robust set of features. It allows limo company operators not only to manage reservations, but to assign reservations to drivers in the limo company network, manage the calendar, flight delays and a huge variety of other options. One of the most valuable features is the Driver Anywhere app which allows the tracking of limo drivers and some automated dispatch functions. Limo Anywhere's flexibility allows the interaction of your pricing tables (located in your Limo Anywhere software) with your mobile app, which is particularly useful if you have fixed rates. Having a Limo Anywhere software package also allows you to integrate your limo booking software with external reservation databases, which is specially useful if you have large corporate accounts.


Corporate Car Online Review

Corporate Car Online (CCO) is an affordable, hands-on solution which can quickly get you setup to make limo reservations. Although it does not have all the bells and whistles of Limo Anywhere, it's fairly easy to use and straight-forward, so you don't have to spend a lot of time in training. CCO has an optional mobile module which is required for the integration with the Limo App.


Book Rides Online Review

Book Rides Online is a relative newcomer to the limo reservation marketplace and an increasingly popular limo booking software package. It is highly affordable and has a variety of features, including dispatch functions, scheduling and invoicing. It also has a very clean customer interface, so it's definitely worth a look.


Best Limo Reservation Software

This is hard to tell and it depends on your individual needs. Limo Anywhere has an advantage of a national network of limo operators, driver tracking and a very robust set of features and high acceptance in "corporate America". Corporate Car Online is great for hands-on operators on a more limited budget who do not want to spend time in training and deal with complexity. Finally, Book Rides Online is fairly new, does not have setup fees at the present time and provides a nice blend of features and functionality.

Free limousine reservation software?

There is no such a thing. At least not one that provides ongoing technical support and improvements, which is important for any professional limo operator. Of course, there are other limousine company reservation software packages, such as FastTrak, LimoWiz and Booking Tool, but they are still working on opening up their reservation systems and making them mobile-friendly, so we did not include them in this review.

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