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Your app will automatically locate your clients and pre-populate their address, so that they don't have to tell you where they are. Their pickup location is also automatically communicated to your dispatch.

(Included in all packages)

Instant Quotes

Your app provides quote estimates based on your own mileage rate. You can also make complex formulas, using minimum rates and flag rates. You can also change your pricing based on distance.

(Included in all packages)

No Retyping

Your app memorizes everything that your customers type, so that they do not have to retype anything when they use your app again. Conveniently, the app also uses your clients' location for nearby addresses.

(Included in all packages)

Logo and Branding

Your app comes with your own logo and branding elements. You can email us your logo and pictures and our team will work to make them look good in your app. You can also use your own graphic designers.

(Included in all packages)

Drop-down Boxes

You can customize your reservation menu to include a list of your favorite airports and other popular locations. You can add additional reservation fields to fit your business needs.

(Included in all packages)

QR Code

You will get your own QR code, which can be placed in your brochures, business cards and on your website. When scanned, the QR code will direct any smartphone to your app.

(Included in all packages)

SMS Autoresponder

When your potential customers text/sms your keyword to the phone number 68398, they will get an SMS response with your app link and your promotional message. You can check out this feature by texting MYTEXT to 68398.

(Included in all packages)

Free Mobile Website

You can link your app with your website. Your website visitors with smartphones would be redirected to see your app. Since smartphone screens are much smaller than your website, you will have greater customer satisfaction among smartphone visitors.

(Included in all packages)

Travel History

Your app saves your clients' past reservation requests. They can now make new reservations, based on their old travel history, which saves them a lot of time when typing new reservation requests. This is very useful for clients who regularly book the same trips.

(Included in all packages)

Time/Calendar Pickers

Your reservation screen can have an optional time and calendar pickers, making it really easy to select the pick-up date and pick-up time.

(Included in all packages)

Texting from website

Your customers can type their phone number on your website and instantly receive a text message from your company with app download instructions.

(Included in all packages)

Texting by driver

All packages come with an extra app for your drivers, which allows them to instantly text your app to your new clients from your vehicles.

(Included in all packages)

Basic and Pro App

App Markets

Your app can be distributed on Google Play and in numerous other app markets. This will give you greater mobile presence.

(Add-on in the Basic App and the Pro App)

Domains and Subdomains

You can add your own domain name or subdomain for better branding and greater control of your app. Your subdomain typically starts with

(Included in the Basic App and the Pro App)

Images and Buttons

Your can upgrade to our premium graphical user interface. You can also ask us to design a different set of images for your buttons.

(Included in the Basic App and the Pro App)

Status Notifications

Your customers can tell you if they are ready for pickup, stuck in customs or late. You can receive their notifications by text and email.

(Included in the Basic App and the Pro App)

Driver Feedback

Your customer can rate their drivers and send you comments about their travel experiences with your company.

(Included in the Basic App and the Pro App)


You can add extra screens with your fleet, vehicle types, vehicle description as well as the interior pictures of your fleet.

(Included in the Basic App and the Pro App)


You can add an extra screen with your rates and prices, based on location, airport and other parameters. Your clients can click on the desired rate and make a reservation.

(Included in the Basic App and the Pro App)

SMS & Email notifications

Your reservations can be received by email and by sms/text. When the reservation is made, all designated contacts (dispatch, drivers etc) will be simultanously notified.

(Included in the Basic App and the Pro App)

User Interface Design

You can design your own user interface with your own buttons, or use one of our highly functional designs we have in stock. You can customize your own buttons and screens.

(Included in the Basic App and the Pro App)

Pro App Only

GPS Tracking

Your app can show where your vehicles are in real time, by tracking your drivers' location. We can integrate your existing GPS data feed, free of charge.

(Free Integration in the Pro App)

Limo Anywhere

Your app's reservation screen can be integrated with your Limo Anywhere control panel. You can see your reservations directly in Limo Anywhere.

(Free Integration in the Pro App)

SSL and Credit Cards

Your app's reservation screen can securely transmit credit card information to your Limo Anywhere control panel, where it will be available for processing.

(Free Integration in the Pro App)

Optional custom add-ons

Profile screen

Your app can have a profile or registration screen, where your clients can edit their contact and payment information. You can be notified when clients register to use your app.

(Add-on module in the Pro App)

Customer Agreement

Scrollable customer agreements with checkboxes can also be added to your app. This screen can also be integrated with online legal platforms as well, for added security.

(Add-on module in the Pro App)

Free International Calls

International clients can enjoy free calling and texting of your office or dispatch from your app. Ask us about competitive international phone pricing linked to this feature.

(Add-on module in the Pro App)

Driver SMS sequence

This optional feature allows you to create a list of drivers. Any new reservation would then be automatically texted to the next available driver on the list, until it's accepted.

(Add-on module in the Pro App)

Tablet Apps

All apps can be formatted to fit various tablets and other large-screen devices. Tablet apps are often used to make reservations from hotel lobbies, restaurants, bars and other establshments.

(Add-on module in the Pro App)

Custom Templates

We can design highly custom screens with unique and original designs, depending on your needs and target market. You can also chose from some of our existing templates.

(Add-on module in the Pro App)

Web Quotes & Reservations

We can integrate both our quote and reservation system with your website. Your clients would be able to get quote estimated and/or make reservations directly from your website.

(Add-on module in the Pro App)

SMS Marketing

We can maintain your SMS database for opt-in client phone numbers. You can periodically send promotional text messages to your clients who signed up to receive SMS promotions.

(Add-on module in the Pro App)

VIP Club

We can setup a VIP Club database with names and phone numbers of your clients who signed up for your VIP Club benefits. You can send promotional emails to those clients.

(Add-on module in the Pro App)
Some add-ons might have additional costs - quotes will be provided beforehand.
Some features might not work on all phone types and/or operating systems or on desktop view.
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